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Additional guidance for providers and Job Centre Plus

Additional guidance for providers and Job Centre Plus - changes to eligibility criteria under Universal Credit and guidance on no take home pay

Please see attached a one-page document on the changes that are being made to the eligibility criteria for the free early education entitlement for two-year-olds and the Early Years Pupil Premium under Universal Credit for providers and Job Centre Plus centres.  

A number of local authorities have also written to us asking about the format of the statement and what to do if the statement does not display take home pay. The document attached shows blank statements for information so the figure to look for is visible, please take into consideration the caveats in red at the bottom of the document. If there are no earnings displayed on the UC statement, then that means DWP have no earnings data for that claimant. This would mean that for their UC calculation purposes they have no earnings. This would therefore mean that a local authority can assume someone would have no earnings if it does not show on their statement, and therefore they would be eligible.


Last Updated 28/03/2018

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