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Travel Care and Support Service – Home to School Travel


In advance of the return to school in September 2020, please click this link for a letter regarding Special Educational Needs Transport and what we are doing to reduce the health risks on your child’s journey from home to school and back.

What is home to school travel assistance?

Home to school travel assistance exists to support children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities who may find it difficult to travel to school or college without the help of assistance from the local authority.

All local authorities have a statutory duty to provide travel assistance for children aged between 5-16 years that have been assessed through an application process as eligible for the service.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for home to school travel assistance is based upon the local authority's published Home to School Travel Assistance Policy which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Hard copies can be requested from the Travel Care and Support Team via email on or by phone on 02073613623.

Sixth formers and college students should apply directly to their sixth form or college for travel via the 16-19 bursary. Further information on this bursary can be found by clicking here.


How to Apply

All parents or carers wishing to apply for home to school travel assistance must complete the home to school travel assistance application form at least 14 days in advance of their child or young person's expected start date at school.

You can apply online by signing up for an account on the Local Offer, or the application form can be downloaded here

Paper copies of the application form can be requested from the Travel Care and Support Team via email on or by phone on 02073613623.

Once an online application form has been submitted it will be assessed by the Travel Care Coordinator who is a part of the Special Educational Needs (SEN Team) and is responsible for processing applications and determining eligibility based upon the published Home to School Travel Assistance Policy. Please be aware that applications may take up to 14 working days to be processed and that you will be notified in writing of the outcome.


What happens next?

Parents of a child or young person that has been identified as eligible for home to school transport will be written to and asked to complete a Travel Care Plan

Questionnaire which will be used to create your child or young person’s Travel Care Plan.

The Travel Care Plan is used by the Travel Care and Support Team as a risk assessment document and allows them to safely schedule transport and to ensure that any information that is vital to the child’s ability to travel safely on transport is recorded and passed onto the child or young person's transport staff, where applicable.

Once your child’s Travel Care Plan has been completed by the Travel Care Co-ordinator it will be sent through to the Travel Care and Support Service Team so that transport can be scheduled. The scheduling process usually takes 5 working days and you will be contacted by a member of the Travel Care and Support Team to confirm the full details of your child or young persons travel arrangements as soon as possible.

If you need to contact the Travel Care and Support Co-ordinator regarding eligibility for home to school transport or your application form please email or call the SEN team on 020 7361 3000.


Travel Care and Support Team

The Travel Care and Support Service is a team within the Council that is responsible for running a smooth and effective transport service to the highest possible standards. After your child’s transport application has been approved we are your first point of contact for anything related to your child’s transport.

We will make sure that you and your child receives:

  • A clean, safe, and secure vehicle
  • A reliable service which arrives on time
  • Well trained, polite, and consistent staff
  • Journey updates from us

The Travel Care and Support Team will contact you with detailed information regarding your child’s route and the names of staff who will be ensuring your children travel safely to and from their destinations. Further information on what to expect from the service can be found by downloading our handbook for parents and carers.

It’s essential that Travel Care Assistants and Drivers understand and respond to your child’s individual needs. Therefore, we have introduced Pen Portraits, a Pen Portrait is a PECs friendly document that aims to help Drivers and Travel Care Assistants better understand your child’s needs and make their journey more comfortable.

It is up to you if you’d like to complete a Pen Portrait, but we believe they are important to help transport staff better understand your child’s individual needs. Pen Portraits are kept securely and will not replace your child’s Travel Care Plan.

If you would like a copy of a Pen Portrait, please contact us.

We only provide home to school or college transport in the mornings and the afternoons. The Travel Care and Support Service cannot provide transport for personal medical appointments or any extra-curricular activities.

How you can contact us:

We also use a text messaging service to provide parents with important transport updates in real time. For example, if there is a delay to the journey or change in staff and we need to let a group of parents know quickly, we would use the texting service. To ensure that you get these text updates, please make sure we have your preferred mobile number so that we can add it to our texting service. It’s also important that you let us know if your mobile number changes.


Accessible Transport

For children and young people who do not meet the crtieria for specialist travel care support, there are still many options accessible options for home to school travel. 

Click here to see the full range of accessible travel options available locally. 

Last Updated 07/06/2021

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