ParentChild+ Programme (Family Lives)

The Programme is a 'targeted intensive intervention' with focus on parent/child attachment within the home. The ParentChild+ is a well-evidenced, US-based programme, focused on working one to one with parents or carers over a sustained period.

The model - which has been running in the US for over 50 years - is based on twice-weekly home visits, for up to 46 weeks with families receiving 92 visits, by trained home visitors. See how it works in practice here: ParentChild+ America Please also see our presentation and leaflet on the downloads section.

The child receives a FREE high-quality book or educational toy each week. Any child from 15 months - 24 months identified as behind in their developmental milestones particularly in relation to speech and language, or social and emotional development and living in the areas below could be eligible for the programme:

City of Westminster wards: Queen's Park, Church Street and Bessborough.

Kensington and Chelsea wards:  Dalgarno, Colville, St. Helen’s, Golborne, Notting Dale, Chelsea Riverside or Worlds End 


Please use the following online form: ParentChild+ Referral Form (

Further information:

Please contact the programme coordinator Nia Bellot to discuss further on

Tel: 07860 184 906 / Email:


  1. ParentChild+ Presentation
  2. ParentChild+ leaflet


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