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Hospital Passports

What is a Hospital Passport?

If you or your child have a disability that makes it difficult to communicate, you may benefit from having a hospital passport. A hospital passport is a way of communicating to healthcare professionals about the best way to support you or your child while you attend an appointment or spend time in hospital.

What Information Does a Hospital Passport Contain?

Most hospital passports have three sections:

  • Things you must know about me
  • Things that are important to me
  • My likes and dislikes

The “Things you must know about me” section will have basic information about you or your child (for example, your address, who your doctor is, and details or your family / carer). It will also be a place where you can put important details about your or your child’s medical history (for example any allergies you may have, or medications you may take).

The “Things that are important to me” section has details including how you or your child like to communicate, how healthcare professionals can know you or your child are in pain, and any needs around personal care, eating, drinking or sleeping.

“My likes and dislikes” is a section where you can put information about anything that makes you or your child happy (e.g. watching TV or playing with a toy) and anything that makes you or your child distressed (e.g. people shouting or a particular type of food).

How do I Get a Hospital Passport?

Both Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Foundation NHS Trust and Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust offer versions of a hospital passport. You can request a hospital passport and get help to fill it out by talking to a member of healthcare staff at either hospital.

You can also download and fill out the hospital passport by yourself. If you would like to do this, please follow either of the following links:

For the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Passport click here

For Imperial College Healthcare Hospital Passport click here

Once you have a hospital passport from one hospital, you DO NOT need to complete any other hospital passport. They are designed to be transferable so you can use the same passport at any number of hospitals across the UK.

Last Updated 15/04/2019

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