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Adaptations at St Augustine's High School benefit students with hearing impairment

Photos of the new soundproofing and microphone equipment at St Augustine's High School

Pupils with hearing impairments at St Augustine’s High School are benefitting from softer noise levels and sound-enhancing equipment thanks to changes to the school environment funded by Westminster Council’s Special Provision Capital Fund.

Several parts of the school, including the central atrium, have been fitted with soundproofing panels which reduces background noise, while teachers will now use Soundfield microphones and speakers fitted throughout the building to make their communication with pupils clearer.

The positive impact of the change has already been evident. Two deaf students at the school have reported that the new sound equipment greatly improved their ability to hear what is being said in assemblies. Benefits are likely to extend beyond pupils with hearing impairment though; a calmer environment and clearer sound equipment will make it easier for all pupils to understand what teachers throughout the school are saying.  

You can read more about the projects being funded by Westminster Council’s Capital Fund by reviewing our Special Provision Capital Fund Plan.

Last Updated 16/09/2019

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