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Public Health services

Westminster City Council have a vision that all people in Westminster are able to be well, stay well and live well, supported by a collaborative and cohesive health and care system.

Ambitions to deliver the vision

We will work with our colleagues within the council, the NHS and others to improve and protect health and wellbeing and reduce the health inequalities within Westminster. 

Our focus will be the following:

  1. Reduce childhood obesity and increase the number of children that leave school with a healthy weight.
  2. Promote the importance of the wider determinants of health and wellbeing especially work or another clear sense of purpose within a community, and overcoming mental and physical health barriers to employment.
  3. Design and deliver services that have the biggest impact on prevention, early intervention and early help where it is needed particularly focusing on dementia and reducing the stigma and fear associated with dementia and creating dementia-friendly communities which support and include people with the condition and their carers.
  4. Work with others to ensure that housing supports a healthy and independent lifestyle, supports the most vulnerable into safe housing and reduces homelessness, as a safe and secure home is a fundamental determinant of good health. 
  5. Improve mental wellbeing by promoting self-care and sign posting to preventative and joined up services.
  6. Provide public health services to the highest possible standards in terms of outcomes and reducing health inequalities.

We will work with others to deliver these ambitions through the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. 

Councils now have a duty to promote the health of their local population, tackle health inequalities and ensure robust plans are in place to protect the health of the local population.

Please visit the below websites for information about the services the council is responsible for, and their contact details:

Learn more about our public health policies and reports

View more information about health services in Westminster

Last Updated 04/05/2022

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