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Bi-borough Inclusion for Disabled Children

As part of the Short Breaks offer, you might decide that your child would like to access a mainstream provision for their Short Break. 

The Bi-borough (Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster) employ an Inclusion Lead who can help you with this process. 

For pricing and locations of all our inclusion venues, please click here

Please note the inclusion officer will hold risk assessments of all the sites used across the Bi-borough. Please see attachments for copies if you want to ensure the site is safe for your child.


Inclusion Pathway if your child needs additional support

  1. Referral into the Short Breaks Team
  2. Light Touch Assessment
  3. Care Support Package agreed
  4. Inclusion Lead will offer to visit you and your child to discuss options (usually completed within 4 weeks)
  5. Child profile completed
  6. Inclusion Lead will source worker for your child - if needed
    Sometimes the provision will provide this and sometimes the worker comes from a bank of playworkers in the Short Breaks Team.
  7. After six months, the Inclusion Lead will review your child's experience at the setting.
    Sometimes by then the setting feels confident to support your child without the need for a 1 to 1 worker, or the worker can be shared with another disabled child. 
  8. Inclusion Lead will ensure that you are aware of your child's progress and keep you informed around the need for the worker or not. 

Download the Bi-Borough Inclusion Process Pathway here. 

Please contact the Inclusion Lead - Renata Burns for more information:


M: 07712 236525

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Last Updated 16/05/2023

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