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Launch event of the Bi-borough Sensory Support Team

Children and young people find out about the support and special equipment available through the service

Thursday the 10th October saw the launch of the new Bi-Borough Sensory Support Team for the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster.  The new Bi-Borough Sensory Support Team is the result of planning and talking to families and professionals.  The team is made up of Qualified Teachers of the Deaf (QToDS) and Qualified Teachers of Vision Impairment (QTVIs) for the two boroughs and support students 0-25 years across the two boroughs.

The event, organised as a way to support the continued close work with families and children, was held to introduce the new team to the families while also encouraging questions, comments and suggestions.   In this way, the team is able to continue to further develop the creative ideas and suggestions offered by parents in their outreach service. 

In further collaboration, the Bi-Borough Sensory Support Team was joined by various professional organisations as a way for parents to find out about support they have access to in their local borough.  From the Bi-Borough, the event was joined by Make It Happen, Short Breaks and Full of Life.  Further services included the St. Mary’s and Charing Cross Paediatric Audiology Services, Guide Dogs, National Deaf Children Society, Royal Society for Blind Children, Clear Vision and Santi’s Special Ears. 

The event also had two very special guests, Santiago and Oscar.  Both boys are students who are supported by the Bi-Borough Service and they each gave heartfelt and moving speeches about their experiences with the services to the whole room. 

The event was attended by parents and carers, children and their siblings from across both boroughs.  It was a fantastic event and all who came were in agreement that more should follow.  The Bi-Borough Support Team members were in full agreement on this and they look forward to the next event. 

Photo of a young girl playing with sensory toys A young boy talks about his experience with vision impairment A young boy and a sensory impairment teacher talk about their experiences of sensory need

Last Updated 21/10/2019

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