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Your feedback, and our responses, about the SEND Local Offer 2018

Every year, the local authority publishes feedback from users of our SEND Local Offer website. We also set out how we have addressed, or plan to address, the issues raised. All feedback we receive is used to make the website more helpful and easy to use. 

The following comments reflect the feedback given by young people with SEND and their families during the year 2017-18. 

Select a comment below to see how we will use the feedback provided:

“We would like to find information about services that are available for people affected by the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.”

During the 'emergency' phase after the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, a page on the RBKC and WCC Local Offer was created, containing information on support and services available for all residents affected by the incident. The page has now been archived as the official Grenfell Support website, is now fully functioning.

“The website has lots of good information but is hard to navigate.”

We will be making this our priority in the next 12 months, as we are aware that this has been a recurring issue experienced by our users. We will involve young people, parents/carers, SENCo’s and local authority officers in improving the usability of the website.

"There is no specific information on autism."

We are working to create a dedicated section on the Local Offer website for autism (i.e. diagnosis, parents and children FAQ, and relevant resources). We will also co-produce this with residents, especially parents.

"There is no specific information for young carers."

We have created a dedicated page for Young Carers (under Social Care category) with the Early Help team.

"There is very little information on internships (for 16+) and transitioning into adulthood (e.g. housing, employment, further education).”

We have uploaded more information on Supported Internships, and will continue to develop our Preparing for Adulthood section with our colleagues from Housing and Adults Social Care.

"What is your policy for publishing? How do you decide whether a service is included on the Local Offer website?"

We have published a disclaimer under our 'About' page, clarifying that being listed on the website does not necessarily mean the service is endorsed or recommended by the council. We are working to get this disclaimer statement included under all service pages, so that users are guaranteed to see it.

"A lot of parents and professionals don't even know about the Local Offer - they have never heard of it."

We have co-created publicity materials in the form of leaflets and posters with our parents and distributed this to schools, colleges, nurseries, children's centres, and GP's. We have also made it compulsory for all Children's Services staff to include the Local Offer website links in their signatures. Additionally, working with RBKC Media and Communications team, we have created an 'advertisement' on Kensington Town Hall screens in order to promote the Local Offer website for RBKC.

“The Disabled Children’s Team page is very out of date.”

We have updated the page to reflect the new offer for Kensington and Chelsea as well as Westminster residents.

Last Updated 16/05/2019

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