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Barnados Projects

Three different funded Barnardo’s projects supporting young people involved with and experiencing sexual abuse, and or exploitation.

Work is still being allocated through this Covid 19 period and staff are working using 1-1 facetime contact and digital formats.

TAITH  - Contact Westminster TAITH worker Pauline Graham – Telephone number: 07715234090,  Email:   

Many of you will already know about this service which provides 1-1 work with children/YP where there is concern about them displaying sexually harmful behaviour.

Taith service leaflet for parents

Taith service leaflet for professionals

Brook traffic lights - Taith Referrals

Tiger LITE – Contact: Vicky Cole  Tel: 07826910716  Email:

TIGER is the name of the overall service (stands for Trauma Informed Growth & Empowered Recovery)

This service provides 1-1 sessions for children/YP where they have been, or are suspected to have been victims of sexual abuse.

Tiger light poster

Tiger services referral form 2020

The Tande Project – Contact Reanna Vernon Tel: 07712690636  Email:

This is a new service offering 1-1 sessions to YP/children who at the early stages of potentially getting pulled into youth violence experiences. These might be YP who are not yet at IGXU/YOS threshold but where preventative work might make the difference.

The Tande Project Flyer

The Tande Project factors to consider a referral

Last Updated 27/05/2020

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