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Barnados Projects

Three different funded Barnardo’s projects supporting young people involved with and experiencing sexual abuse, and or exploitation.

TAITH  - Contact Westminster TAITH worker Pauline Graham – Telephone number: 07715234090,  Email:   

Many of you will already know about this service which provides 1-1 work with children/YP where there is concern about them displaying sexually harmful behaviour.

Taith service leaflet for parents

Taith service leaflet for professionals

Brook traffic lights - Taith Referrals

Tiger LITE – Contact: Vicky Cole  Tel: 07826910716  Email:

TIGER is the name of the overall service (stands for Trauma Informed Growth & Empowered Recovery)

This service provides 1-1 sessions for children/YP where they have been, or are suspected to have been victims of sexual abuse.

Tiger light poster

Tiger services referral form 2020

The Tande Project – Contact Reanna Vernon Tel: 07712690636  Email:

This is a new service offering 1-1 sessions to YP/children who at the early stages of potentially getting pulled into youth violence experiences. These might be YP who are not yet at IGXU/YOS threshold but where preventative work might make the difference.

The Tande Project Flyer

The Tande Project factors to consider a referral

Last Updated 08/08/2023

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