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Paddington Arts Youth Dance Group

Paddington Arts

You can find out more by clicking here. 

Paddington Arts Youth Dance Group performed live 'Let's Dance Not Fight' to see the production click here

Ellie 17

"Recently there has been a lot of postcode wars, so if you’re from a certain area, another area that you’re not from, they’re gonna argue, and things just happen. Pack it in! Why do you feel the need to fight, it just don’t make sense." - Ellie, age 17 to see me perform click here 

Josh 15

"There is a connection between dancing and fighting because dancing lets people know how you feel in the inside and it lets you express how you feel on the outside. Stay in school, throw some books and education, and you’ll get far." - Josh, - aged 15 to see me perform click here 

'Let's Dance Not Fight'

‘Let’s Dance Not Fight’ is a commissioned piece of dance theatre, and a programme of outreach workshops aimed at young people from West London. The aims of the project are to: * Promote youth dance across West London.  *Provide a showcase for diversity and excellence in youth dance. *Make a stand against intolerance, hatred and violence. * Give a platform to those (particularly young people) who have been affected by violence or intolerance and/or are campaigning against it for more info.

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Last Updated 08/01/2021

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