Emotional wellbeing and mental health

There are various ways to support your mental health and emotional wellbeing, some which may be more obvious than others and some which we probably do without thinking.

A helpful way of remembering them is through five steps, called the FIVE WAYS TO WELLBEING. These include.

  1. Connecting to people around us
  2. Being active
  3. Taking notice of things around us
  4. Learning
  5. Giving

For examples of on how to use the FIVE WAYS TO WELLBEING take a look at this poster created by Good Thinking.

For further information and resources on supporting your mental health and emotional wellbeing, take a look at these websites:

On the following link, you can access the Children and Young People's emotional wellbeing and mental health plan 2022-24.


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Page last reviewed: 27/02/2024

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