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Mental health of children & young people with SEND

An expressionist collage, made by Abdellah, age 8
Drawn by Abdellah, age 8
There is a complex relationship between poor mental health and Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND). Children and young people with SEND can be at higher risk of mental health difficulties than those without SEND. Meanwhile, mental health difficulties may also be a cause of SEND. 


Information Resources

The resources below are designed to help you understand this relationship, how you can recognise the start of mental health problems in yourself or a loved one, and where you can go for support. 

Mental Health Foundation: Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities and Their Mental Health - information pack for understanding the mental health needs of children and young people with learning disabilities. 

Mencap – Mental Health for People with a Learning Disability - information on identification and treatment of mental ill health in people with learning disabilities

The Shaw Mind Foundation – Information on Mental Health for Children and Young People with Disabilities - information resource on mental health needs in children and young people with learning and/or physical disabilities

National Autistic Society – Mental Health for People with Autism - information on the common mental health illnesses experienced by people living with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).


Support Services

If you are worried about symptoms of poor mental health in yourself or a child/young person, you should talk to an education, health or social care professional. They might be able to refer to specialist mental health support services which can offer appropriate support. 

For more information on Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Heallth Support Services please click here.

Last Updated 11/11/2019

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