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Child Development Service (referral information for practitioners)

The main purpose of Woodfield Child Development Service is to offer children and young people, who have neuro-developmental disorders, a comprehensive assessment service that identifies, investigates, assesses their development needs and offers appropriate support, intervention and advice. The core team includes paediatricians, physiotherapyoccupational therapyspeech and language therapy, clinical psychology, clinical nurse specialists and music therapy. The service works in close partnership with community and acute service providers, education, social services and voluntary sector services. It also provides a local service for pupils attending Westminster Special Schools. (see Team Leaflet attached for more information).

Where relevant, the team provides health input for statutory areas of responsibility for education, looked after children, adoption and fostering. The team is also involved in the local implementation of immunisation policy and advice.

Children who are referred to the service are allocated to a specific pathway of care to ensure that they receive the appropriate level of assessment and intervention.

The range of individuals known to our service include children and young people with/who:

  • global developmental delay who require general assessment and advice
  • require specialist neurodisability services including spasticity management
  • have social communication disorder /autistic spectrum disorder
  • behavioural disorders, including ADHD
  • are known to the looked after children/adoption service
  • who have complex feeding difficulties due to developmental issues
  • require statutory medical examinations and reports
  • need additional support within their local mainstream and/or special schools
  • who require immunisation advice

Who to contact

To request a Referral Form, contact the Woodfield Child Development Service

Telephone:  020 7266 8777

Email :

Last Updated 18/05/2022

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