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2-2½ years integrated review. EYFS progress check

It is important to liaise with your local health visiting teams as soon as you have concerns about a child (with parental consent).

Universal Approach

It was agreed that early years settings will complete the page below for all children who are due a Health and Development Review. As soon as settings complete this information, a copy will be sent to the local health visiting team by email (copying in the team lead). This will be added to the child’s red book.

Early years settings will find out from families if they have had a Health and Development Review or if they have received a letter regarding the review. They will then be able to complete this information prior to this appointment taking place.

Health visitors and nursery nurses will be taking this information into account when completing the Health and Development Reviews.

Where Health and Development Reviews have already taken place, the settings can ask parents to give them a copy of the review and key persons will be taking this information into account when completing their own progress checks at age two.

Targeted Approach

The settings will contact the designated community nursery nurses (using the contact details below) to arrange a holistic integrated review for children they have concerns about (with parental consent). 

The holistic integrated reviews will take place at the setting and the parent/carer, key person, community nursery nurse and the SENCo will be present. 

The child will be observed whilst interacting with their peers. 

2-2 1/2 integrated review - progress check form

You can access this form on the following link: 2-2 1/2 integrated review - progress check form.

DfE Guidance

For further information, please have a look at the latest guidance from the DfE: Progress check at age 2 - GOV.UK (

Health visiting teams contact details:


Lisson Grove – North-East


Tel: 020 7563 6160/6163 



Tel: 0208 102 3502 

Angela Joyce (Team Lead – Bessborough)


Tel: 07824 835434 

Sean O'Keeffe (Team Lead – Bessborough)

Email: seano'

Tel: 07795844869

Medical centre – North-West


Tel: 020 7266 8722/8723


Worlds End - South


Tel: 020 7349 3282/2873

Rebecca Agboola (Team Lead - Worlds END)


Tel: 07901 516195 

Colville – North


Tel: 020 7792 7753

Ella Holmes-Attivor (Team Lead – Colville)


Tel: 07551 402967



Last Updated 18/10/2022

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