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Sexually transmitted infections: get help

Using a condom reduces your risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Not all STIs show symptoms, but if you notice one of the following differences in your body, it's possible you have an STI:

  • unusual green, yellow or smelly discharge from the vagina or penis
  • heavier periods or bleeding between periods
  • pain or a burning feeling when weeing
  • rashes, itching, burning, tingling around the genitals or anus
  • blisters or lumps around the genitals or anus
  • black powder or tiny white dots in your underwear
  • pain during sex in women
  • lower abdominal pain in women

Read more about sexually transmitted infections- if you're worried you may have caught one, visit one of our sexual health clinics to make sure you get it treated.

Local clinic sessions for young people

Westminster sexual health clinics give confidential advice on sexual health for people aged 19 and under. Services include:

  • free condoms and other contraception
  • testing and treatment for STIs
  • emergency contraception
  • pregnancy testing
  • safer sex and sexuality information

Online help

The Check-Kit from the NHS offers information and advice for young people on sex, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and pregnancy. 

You'll also find lots of answers to your questions at Brook, an online sex health information service especially for young people. There are also 3 Brook drop-in centres in London


Last Updated 01/10/2022

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