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What is BLM?

Black Lives Matter - BLM

Following the brutal murder of George Floyd the BLM movement galvanised the world to start speaking out about matters of racial inenquality.

Racism and inequality can only be overcome if it is acknowledged and spoken about by people from all walk of life.

Talking about racism can be painful and traumatic for those who experience it, and awkward and uncomfortable for those who don't, so these conversations can be hard to initiate – but they are vital.

It is also really important to talk to children about racism.

Books are a good place to start - by reading diverse books with children and also books that promote inclusion and equality, you are able to discuss the story and characters after reading.

Every child is different, however, there are a wealth of age appropriate resources which can aid professionals, parents and carers in talking to children about race.

Remember, not all Black related content has to be about oppression and slavery.

By teaching children to be empathetic and to use their voice to speak up about things that feel wrong, ultimately all these factors will contribute to children becoming global citizens and allies. It is vital not to shy away from difficult discussions and to try to answer any questions children may have honestly.

Should people from other racial groups talk to their children about racism too?

Yes 100% This is an issue that affects us all. Silence from other racial groups is equivalent to be complicit to the racism at the core of society.

Last Updated 30/12/2021

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