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Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Support for Children and Young People

Our Virtual SENCO Forum recently had a specific focus on Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health provision that is available for children and young people in our local area. We held the session as we felt it was important for every SENCO in our local schools to know who they could call upon to suppor their students. So that families are aware of the offer, we have created this page, containing the presentations that were given.

Education Psychology Service - Covid-19 pandemic, protective factors and the importance of hopefulness.

An introductory presentation given by Dr Jeremy Monsen (Principlal Educational Psychologist for Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea) setting the context for the need for right offer of mental health and emotional wellbeing support following the Covid-19 pandemic.


A presentation outlining the details of this free online service offering emotional and mental health support for young people aged 11 to 25.

Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster School Nursing Service

A presentation about the role of the School Health Serivice Team - particularly the remit of the Emotional / Mental Health Specialist role, and how this works with School Nurses to provide advice and drop-in sessions at local school in relation to any issues that young people may wish to talk about.

Mental Health Support Teams (MHST)

A presentation from the MHST on how they work in local schools to proivide targeted support to children and young people - delivering evidence-based interventions for mild to moderate mental health issues, supporting senior mental health leads in schools to develop their whole school approach and providing advice to school stafff, linking them with external specialisr services as needed.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

A presentation from the CAMHS team on the range of specalist support that is avalable for children and young people with more complex needs.

Good Thinking - London's Digital Mental Wellbeing Service

In addition to the  above, we would also like to highlight the Good Thinking website, which is London's Digital Mental Wellbeing Service that, in addition to all adults, supports Children and Young People aged 13-18 years. 

Last Updated 28/08/2021

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