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Although the primary responsibility for managing behaviour and attendance lies with schools and parents, behaviour services offer support in managing the needs of children and young people who are exhibiting behavioural difficulties, who are at risk of developing behavioural difficulties, or who are at risk of becoming socially excluded from their families and communities.   

Pupils who fall within these categories include those who:   

  • Have received or are at risk of fixed term or permanent school exclusions 
  • Display disruptive, violent or abusive behaviour 
  • Are bullies or being bullied 
  • Are repeatedly absent from school without permission 
  • Exhibit challenging behaviour 
  • Have Special Educational Needs (SEN) relating to behavioural difficulties 
  • Are involved in or at risk of becoming involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour 
  • Suffer mental health difficulties  
  • Are involved in alcohol and substance misuse 
  • Exhibit other risk factors relating to social exclusion which make them vulnerable to behaviour difficulties 


Westminster CAMHS provides community mental health services to children, young people and their families with complex mental health difficulties, in a range of different ways depending on their needs.

DreamArts uses the arts to enable young people to realise their true potential. Members explore who they are, build positive relationships and make positive life choices. 

Last Updated 23/01/2020

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