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Does my child have SEND?

During your child’s early years, you may not know whether they have SEND or not. Many parents have concerns about their child’s development. While most of the time it is just a normal part of growing up, you should highlight any worries you have with a health professional.

Health Visitors carry out development reviews when your child reaches 9 months and 2 years of age. These are designed to pick up on any early signs of disability or ill-health. It is important to attend these reviews even if you consider your child to be developing normally. For more information on the Health Visiting service, please click here.  

Your local children’s centre can also offer advice and support if you have concerns about your child’s development. Click here for more information on the role of children’s centres.

Grandma's garden, drawn by Aurora, age 7
Drawn by Aurora, age 7When children are aged between 0-5 years, they are said to be in their “early years”. The early years are an important time for all children because experiences early-on in life can have long-term effects on development. They can be especially crucial years for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).


Last Updated 25/05/2021

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