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NHS Flu vaccination programme for 2/3 year olds

All children aged 2 and 3 can have a free flu vaccine at their GP practice. The vaccine is usually given as a single painless spray squirted up the nose. This spray contains a highly processed from of porcine gelatine. The NHS are now able to offer an alternative to families who prefer not to have the nasal spray. Parents of 2/3year olds can request an injected flu vaccine for their child at their GP practice. This injected vaccine does NOT contain gelatine.

All staff working with pre-school children are requested to encourage parents to protect their children against flu with the free flu vaccination at their GP practice.

Flu leaflets, posters and other resources can be found by clicking the links below:

PHE Flu 5 reasons poster

Protecting child against flu leaflet

Flu Vaccination Chart


PDFs of the flu leaflet in a range of community languages are available here:

Staff Flu Immunisations

Please check your occupational health arrangements for staff flu vaccinations. Private flu vaccinations can usually be purchased at high street pharmacies. This year demand is high, and we are aware that many pharmacies are not offering online appointments.

Staff who are eligible for a free vaccination via the NHS can book an appointment with their GP or local pharmacy. Free NHS flu vaccinations are available for pregnant women, people with long term health conditions, over 65s, carers and household members of those who have been shielding. More information is available through the NHS here.

For further details contact: 

Anna Cox

Public Health Business Partner

0781 705 3960

Last Updated 12/01/2021

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