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Better Living Choices

Below is a list of areas that you can explore for information, advice and services to help improve your, or the child you care for, health and wellbeing and development.

Select as many areas as you like to start to build your brochure of resources to achieve your goals. You can save or email it to yourself for use in the future too.

  • If you are worried that your child could have a disability or has a disability and you need help
  • Find advice and information on activities and organisations that can help you and the child you care for to keep fit and healthy

Mental health | Health services | GPs and dentists | Birth | Healthy lifestyles | Sexual health | Pregnancy | Fitness | Bereavement

  • Find advice and information on the various options for education, for both you and your child
  • If you are looking for a course or a class or help with your child's homework
  • If you are interested in volunteering or want help moving towards work
  • Child support

Child development | After-school clubs | Supplementary schools | NEET | School place application | Adult education | Post-16 education | Early education | Volunteering | Exclusion

  • Find advice and help with you finances including help managing debt or bills
  • If you your benefits have stopped or changed or you want to have a better off check

Pregnancy | Legal advice | Debt management | Sponsorships, grants and funds | Immigration advice | Employment | Counselling services

  • Find advice and information about housing
  • If your home is no longer suitable or you no longer can afford it and want help with your options

Housing | Overcrowding | I need to move | Poor quality housing | Changes to housing benefits | Legal advice | Housing options | Fostering

  • Find advice and information to support you in having positive
  • relationships and to take part in activities happening locally to you
  • You are looking for things for my children to do
  • You want some help with relationships e.g. parents, parent and child or child to child

Counselling services | Parental support | Relationships | Child sexual exploitation | Children at risk | Drug | Alcohol | Harmful practices

  • I don't feel I know what my children are up to on the internet
  • I am concerned my child is being bullied

Bullying | Radicalization | Internet | Exclusion | Child sexual exploitation | Children at risk | Drug | Alcohol | Harmful practices

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