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Bringing up children can be daunting, but it doesn't need to be. Here are some useful links to sites which provide helpful information, advice and guidance:

Relationships parent to parent

Can we add something about our focus on supporting co parenting relationships and have links to.

Relationship Parent to Child

Bringing up children is likely to be one of the most difficult jobs any of us ever do. As many as 75% of all parents and carers say there are times when they would welcome help and advice when it comes to being a parent.

We know that parents want to be good parents, want the very best for their children, want to give them a good start in life and see them succeed. We also know that the quality of parenting impacts on children, families, communities and society as a whole.

Children undoubtedly enrich our lives, but raising them can be hard work, and some of the challenges facing parents today are very different from those faced by previous generations. All parents have the right to expect high quality information, advice and support from public services.

Parenting courses

The council runs a number of courses for parents in Westminster and is committed to helping parents be the best they can be.


How Westminster supports parents

The council runs a number of courses for parents in Westminster – from helping with teenagers or very young children to giving your child a sense of his or her community – and we are committed to helping parents be the best they can be.

The courses provide parents/carers with the opportunity to:

  • build positive relationships with your child
  • make parenting and family life more enjoyable and less stressful
  • feel more confident as a parent
  • gain a greater understanding of child development
  • learn new parenting skill and strategies
  • support your child to learn and grow
  • reflect on your own experiences of being parented
  • find out about other support and services available to you and your family

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