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NHS Go health app for young people

The NHS has launched a new app to help young people take greater control over their health from an early age; make healthier choices and get advice and information on health issues from a trusted source when they don’t know where to go.

The service can be accessed through the new website or mobile application. The app can be downloaded via the NHS Go website, the Google play store or the Apple App Store.

You can also find more information on the NHS Go Facebook page.

NHS Go has been developed by Healthy London Partnership, a partnership between all 32 London Clinical Commissioning Groups, and NHS England (London region).

Healthy London Partnership worked with young people from across London to find out what they needed to improve their access to relevant health information and advice. Young people were involved in the creation and testing of NHS Go and also helped to promote it.

The website/app covers a number of different topics including:

  • Long term conditions (including Asthma, Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, Disability and Learning disabilities)
  • Sex and relationships (including puberty, periods/menstrual cycle, contraception)
  • Depression and anxiety (including stress, mental health, bullying, eating disorders, bereavement, wellbeing)
  • Smoking, drugs and alcohol
  • Eating healthily and exercise
  • Sleep (including insomnia and snoring)
  • Allergies, colds, flu and pains

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