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Neurodiversity Celebration Week, 13th-17th May 2019

All children and young people have different strengths, talents, weaknesses and needs, and this is no different for those children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). While it can be easy for professionals involved in the care of children and young people with SEND to focus on needs and areas where extra support is needed, it is important also to celebrate their unique learning differences, talents and strengths. 

Neurodiversity Celebration Week, which runs from 13th May - 17th May 2019, offers a chance to do this. We are encouraging all schools in the borough to participate in this week and reflect on the many advantages being a neurodiverse child or young person brings. 

Below are some examples of how to take part in Neurodiversity Celebration Week.

• Have a neurodiversity-themed school assembly.
• Invite neurodivergent parents and individuals to speak about their career.
• Put up posters of famous neurodiverse individuals.
• Put up ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia fact sheets.

Please join us in creating a more inclusive, supportive and understanding environment for students with SEND by signing up to participate in Neurodiversity Celebration Week. To register your school, please go to:

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is an initiative founded by Siena Castellon, a 16 year old autism and neurodiversity advocate.

For more information, please download the Neurodiversity Celebration Week flyer or email

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