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100 things to do when school is out

Schools out what can you do to keep active and entertained. See out suggested 100 things to do when school is out.

30 hours early education and childcare for three and four-year-olds

All three and four-year-old children are entitled to a universal early education place, which provides up to 570 hours of free nursery education per year.   Children in some families are now be entitled to an additional 15 hours of free childcare, otherwise known as the 30…


Activities To find a list of activities for young people, please visit our Young Westminster website:

Additional 15 hours’ free childcare for 3 & 4 year olds for working parents

All 3 & 4 year olds are entitled to up to 15 hours of free childcare and early education a week for up to 38 weeks a year.  This provision can be accessed in school nursery classes, private day nurseries and Pre-schools and also with…

After school clubs

After school clubs These can provide care and play activities or additional supported study for your child after school has finished.

Au pairs

Au pairs Au pairs are young people from either the European Union (EU) or one of a limited number of other countries who have come to the UK on an au pair scheme. They usually come to learn English and can help look after the…

Becoming a childminder

Interested in becoming a childminder or childcare provider? Childminding is an interesting and rewarding career. You can gain professional qualifications, get support in setting up your own business, work from your own home and become your own boss. If you are interested in becoming a…

Bi-Borough Childcare and Early Education Service

Bi-Borough Childcare and Early Education Service Our responsibilities include: providing information and guidance to parents and families about Westminster’s children’s services providing access to children’s centres to families across the city raising the quality across early years provision ensuring the implementation of the early years foundation…

Bi-lingual quick tips for parents and practitioners

The National Literacy Trust have a great set of quick tips (19 languages).  We have produced a series of bi-lingual quick tips for parents and practitioners to help children develop good talking and listening skills. There are lots of different languages. The following tips are…

Boost your child's speech, language and communication with Hungry Little Minds

Hungry Little Minds is the new Department for Education campaign empowering parents and carers to engage their children (aged 0-5) in positive activities and behaviours that will boost their communication, language and literacy development. The three-year campaign recognises the massive impact parents have on their…
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