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Zoom Online Healthy Bones Pilates

Pilates 26/01/2022 09:15
Mixed ability. A gentle class for people with back pain, post physio rehab or breast cancer rehab, osteoporosis or arthritis. This lovely matwork class uses resistance bands, small weights, the power loop, Pilates circle and a chair to help re-introduce strength and flexibility to damaged…

Zoom Online Pilates with Props

Pilates 25/01/2022 18:30
A mixed ability Pilates class using a variety of Pilates props including; resistance band, power loop, Pilates circle, Pilates small ball, small weights and a foam roller. We’ve used the Pilates principles of breathing, centre, flowing movement with precision, concentration and control and created a…

Zumba Fitness

Zumba® 18/02/2022 10:00
A Latin inspired Dance Fitness class. No dance experience necessary and no partner needed. Booking and pre-payment required and please arrive early.


Zumba® 07/02/2022 00:00
A Pre-recorded Zumba Class from our virtual classes in 2021. Recordings are valid 4 days and you can do as many times as you'd like. You will be sent a link from P Cloud. This is manual rather than automated so pls allow time for…

Zumba with Lu LIVESTREAM

Zumba® 15/02/2022 18:30
Virtual Zumba, in the comfort of your own home! Medium to high intensity Zumba class. Using the 4 core zumba rhythms: Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue & Cumbia. Other World Rhythms also included, such as Calypso, Soca, Flamenco, Bachata, Bhangra and more…

💻 Mamafit® @ HOME: HIIT ONLINE

Tabata HIIT 07/02/2022 19:30
Mamafit® @ HOME: HIIT ONLINE 30 minute HIIT workouts for mums & pregnant women! 30 minute 'Live' HIIT workouts suitable for mums and pregnant women Workouts are designed around HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principles, with LIIT (Low Intensity Interval Training) options to make the…

💻 Mamafit® @ HOME: Pregnancy Fitness ONLINE

Multi Fitness 04/02/2022 18:30
Mamafit® @ HOME: Pregnancy Fitness Join us for an online pregnancy workout from the comfort of your own home! Fun and inclusive workouts suitable for women of all stages of pregnancy! The perfect way to keep active at home; helping you to strengthen your muscles,…

💻 ★NEW★ Mamafit® @ HOME: Postnatal Pilates

Pilates 11/02/2022 13:30
Mamafit® @ HOME: Postnatal Pilates Join us for a mum & baby pilates workout from the comfort of your own home! NEW online Pilates classes for mums! Postnatal Pilates helps you to gently ease back into exercise after giving birth by targeting weakened abdominal muscles,…

💻 ★NEW★ Mamafit® @ HOME: Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates Multi Fitness 26/01/2022 19:30
Mamafit® @ HOME: Pregnancy Pilates Join us for an online pregnancy pilates workout from the comfort of your own home! Inclusive online pilates classes for women of all stages of pregnancy! Pregnancy Pilates keeps your core muscles strong by developing balance, strength and coordination. Reducing…

😴 SUNDAY Relax & Recharge Restorative Yoga, LIVE via Zoom 🎬

Yoga 30/01/2022 15:00
Chilled out yoga session, very restorative and a perfect way to prepare for a busy week. Slow down, breathe and spend some time for yourself. Quiet and meditative floor-based restorative, supported postures suitable for all ages and abilities, even those new to Yoga. In this…