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Pursuing Independent Paths (PiP) - Community Development Project

Parents and young people can buy this service as part of their SEND personal budget

What does this service do?

Pursuing Independent Paths' Community Development Project involves establishing circles of support and community networks on a one to one basis for adults with a learning disability or autism.  We pair them with an assigned Community Development Project worker and work together includes:

• Establishing goals

• Access to health activities and information

• Leisure and other community resources

• Developing a support network

• Increased confidence and social interaction;and

• Respite for families and carers.

Engagement with the service usually lasts for approximately 9-12 months although this may be extended if necessary.

Who is this service available to?

PiP works with individuals diagnosed with mild, moderate and severe learning disabilities aged 18 years and over. PiP also works with individuals who have a dual diagnosis of learning disability and mental health issues. Typically Community Development Project customers will have a specified set of goals they want to work on, and may be isolated from their peers and looking for new networks and activities to participate in.

How do you access this service?

The services advertised by PiP are available using your Personal Budgets. 

PiP will accept referrals from anyone including professionals, families, carers, and individuals.

To apply, the referee can contact PiP's Service Manager directly using the contact details provided. They will be given a PiP referral form and an answer to their queries.

Upon completion, the referral form will be reviewed and the customer will be called in for a face-to-face meeting. It is possible that the customer is already known to the service prior to this stage.

The face-to-face meeting is necessary to gather more information and establish whether PiP is the right service to meet the individual’s needs, wishes and circumstances. Following this meeting and depending on the outcome of the meeting the customer will be matched with a named Community Development Project worker, who will help them to create and work on a set of specified goals. Professionals from different services will be involved throughout this process to ensure a holistic approach to peoples care and support.

How do we ensure the quality of this service?

PiP services are not externally regulated but rather follow a series of internal procedures and protocols. This includes:

• ‘Goal Attainment Scoring’ ensures customers are progressing against their specified goals

• An annual ‘Student Survey’ for quality assurance and development purposes. PiP release an annual Student Survey for customers to participate in and give their feedback.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Adam Pearson
Contact Position
Service Manager
 020 8960 4004

Where to go

4e Warwick Court
Shirland Mews
W9 3DY

Other Details


Referral required
Last Updated 24/06/2021

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