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Brackenbury Road (Yarrow Housing)

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Toilet suitable for wheelchair users
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Suitable for an individual with hearing impairment

The service is a supported living service for adults with learning disabilities and autism. Some of the service users fall under the organisations domiciliary care registration and is aimed at young individuals who are in the process of leaving children’s services.

We provide a high quality of flexible care to service users through a committed, dedicated and trained staff team, providing 24 hours support to cater for service user’s individual needs and to provide opportunities to enable each individual to develop skills to maximise their independence as valued members of the community and society.

We promote community presence by providing a wide range of activities and opportunities and supporting service users to choose from this tailor made package based on their interests and needs. We support individuals with their education and employment as well as the opportunity to move on to a more independent setting when they have developed their skills and are ready for this move.

Individuals are supported to access both internal and external resources and are supported to become involved in service user-led activity such as Police Training, User Involvement group and Self advocacy group.

We work closely with individuals, their family and friends and the Multi-disciplinary team to ensure that the person has access to all services and that there Care Plans, Risk Assessments and guidelines reflect how they wish to be supported by their circle of support.

 We encourage service users to build on the current network of friends and family and support them to maintaining and encouraging theses contacts and facilitate and support new friendships as and when they occur.

We tailor individual packages to suit the wishes, wants and needs of individual service users by conducting Person Centred Review (PCR) meetings every year, where the needs, choices, independence and quality of life of each service user is reviewed and goals are set for the following period. These goals/needs are reviewed at a PCR review meeting every six months and individuals are supported to take steps to achieve their goals on a daily basis.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Maura Ireland
Contact Position
Yarrow Housing
 020 8563 9418
Yarrow Housing website

Where to go

Yarrow Supported Living

Local Offer

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Who is this service available to?

We provide a service for young adults who are in the process of leaving children’s services, the service is available for both men and woman.



When is this service available?

24 Hours support is offered at this service with sleep in staff, 365 days per year.

How do you access this service?

Through PATHS referrals, Social Services or directly to the organisation and home.


How do we ensure the quality of this service?

We ensure the quality of our service by:

Providing personalised support based on the person’s choices, preferences and wishes

  • Making sure people have a say in how their service is run including holding regular service user meetings and engagement events at Central Office

  • Monitoring outcomes for people and checking these are being achieved

  • Checking through 6 monthly quality questionnaires that people are happy and satisfied with their service

  • Monitoring through 12 monthly quality questionnaires that carers, family members and  professionals are happy with the service

The outcomes of our quality assurance system are reported regularly to our Quality Committee and Board. People with learning disabilities are members of our Board and are influential in ensuring our service meets and exceeds Yarrow’s quality standards.            and follow the links.

What to do if you have a complaint?

Yarrow has an easy read complaint procedure. We will give you a copy.

If you are not happy you can complain personally or in writing to the staff and manager of the service about your complaint. They will try to sort out your complaint as soon as possible. If you are still not happy you can tell or write to the Care Services Manager or the Director of Care & Support who will investigate your complaint and tell you what they will do to resolve the problem. 

When you make a complaint you can ask a family member, a friend or advocate to help you.

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Last Updated 18/09/2019

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