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Hatha Yoga - Online Room

Hatha Yoga is an active practice emphasising movement, alignment, rhythm and flow. We begin by settling and warming up, then flow into a core practice enjoying a balanced array of hatha yoga postures which consist of standing and seated poses, as well as postures focusing on balance, forward bends, backward bends, inversions and twists. The full sequence is completed with a breathwork practice and relaxation

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Yoga Vinyasa Yoga Hatha Yoga 21/12/2021 18:00
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18:00 - 19:00

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Hatha Yoga - Online £7.00


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Attendance: users can only join virtually
Please prepare your practice space. You will need a yoga mat, a cushion/yoga block to sit on and a blanket. Sometimes we use yoga belts but a simple scarf or normal belt will work too. To keep the internet signal strong, please close any background applications running. If you are new to zoom platform please arrive 5 mins before to make yourself more familiar with our online space. When on zoom, please notice two buttons: 1. Mute button, down the left-hand corner of the screen. Please make sure you are muted during the session. 2. Speaker view, top right-hand corner of the screen. To see me well, please make sure the screen is set up as "speaker view" not the "gallery view" See you there!!! Halina
Duration: 1 hour
Open to all genders
Last Updated 27/11/2021

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