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Luna By YogaBellies - Yoga For All Women

🌝 Luna by YogaBellies is a unique, flowing style of yoga in tune with the Yin, lunar and feminine elements. The focus is to honour ourselves, be kind, and to take the time to relax and release (imagine yoga meets spa! 🤗) 🧘‍♀️This practice offers calming, firm but slower-paced ‘internal’ poses that are appropriate for women throughout their monthly cycle. It was created exclusively for women, focusing on hormonal and spiritual balance. 💞 Each session has a different focus and the asanas (postures) are chosen specifically for regulating hormones and providing relief from PMS and menopausal symptoms. 💜Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced yogini, these classes are inclusive and welcoming. I have no doubt you will ADORE this class - I know I do! So that I can get to know you all and we can support each other, spaces are limited - So pease get in touch for more information or if you'd like to book on

Who to contact

Contact Name
YogaBellies Farnborough, Fleet & Camberley

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Yoga 18/05/2022 19:00
Time of day
Session Information
19:00 - 20:00

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Other notes
Support for Please Ask For More Info
Attendance: users can only join virtually
Mats are provided for this class, but in the current situation I would strongly recommend that you bring your own mat. I will place my mats out as a guide for positioning and spacing, but would then advise you to place your own on top. Also bring a pillow and blanket to make sure you’re nice and comfy and a bottle of water to keep you nice and hydrated. Drop me an email at and I'll beam over the booking link. You'll then have a short health questionnaire to fill in and can pay your balance to secure your space in class. Classes are running on zoom during lockdown but will return to venue in person as soon as safely possible.
Duration: 1 hour
Female only
Level: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced
Last Updated 17/05/2022

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