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A personal assistant can be arranged to give extra support for a child with additional needs
Suitable for children and young people with SEND
Communication aids, such as Makaton, are used
Suitable for an individual with hearing impairment
Suitable for an individual with vision impairment

The Teaching and Learning Collaboration (TLC) is a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals offering a range of individualised, effective and high quality services to individual’s families, schools and organisations.

We have a highly experienced team of Behaviour Analysts and Registered Behaviour Technicians, with links to Speech and Langauage Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Clinical Psychologists.

Behaviour Analysis (or ABA) focuses on socially significant behaviour, seeking to support an individual to make meaningful changes in their behaviour through strategies based on the principles for learning. In turn these changes enable an individuals to reach their goals and increase their quality of life.

Through decades of research, the field of Behavior Analysis has developed many techniques for increasing useful behaviors and reducing those that may cause harm or interfere with learning.

We can provide assessments and intervention plans as well as 1:1 intervention sessions for individuals struggling with communication, learning, social and/or functional living skills or where inappropriate or challenging behaviour is a barrier to learning or living well.

We provide support to families at home and at school. Our assessments and interventions are updated and evaluated regularly. We use functional assessment to understand why a behaviour is happening or not, in the context of home or school. This has been shown to be the most effective way to understand and then intervene with behaviours that challenge.

In order to structure for successful interventions we provide initial and on-going training to parents or professional staff. We also provide monitoring and evaluations of any programmes in order to assess the effectiveness and generality of our teaching.

We can provide:

  • Early intensive behaviour intervention (EIBI)- direct tutoring, supervision and consultation.
  • School age support, direct tutoring, supervision and consultation
  • Social skills groups through our ‘Cadets’ and ‘Social Detectives’ programme
  • A variety of standardised and functional assessments
  • Educational & Positive Behaviour Support Plans, programs and implementation.
  • Parent and Family training
  • School and Professionals training
  • Workshops and presentations on a range of topics related to special educational needs (e.g. on Autism; ABA; Challenging & Problem behaviour; Social Skills; Communication; Sleeping, Eating & Toileting; Effective teaching techniques; Monitoring and evaluation; LSA/School Shadowing; Play & Leisure skills; independence & daily living skills; Precision Teaching

Who to contact

The TLC website

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Referral required
Referral Details

Parents or services can contact us directly and self-refer via our email address (

A member of the team will call a parent back at a time convenient to them to discuss what needs an individual or family might have. We will then arrange an initial consultation where a member of the team will visit the family to discuss if our services will meet their needs. If we are unable to provide services, we will always make sure that families are signposted towards other evidence-based services.

Other notes

We offer assessment and intervention for children and adults, from 1year – adulthood, who have difficulties with communication, social skills, learning or functional living skills. We also support schools or services that support individuals with difficulties in these areas. We work with individuals with Autism and other associated conditions, as well as individuals with learning difficulties or with no diagnosed condition but where there are barriers to learning or living well.

Last Updated 30/10/2023

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