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☯️ TUESDAY Night Yin Yoga, LIVE via Zoom 🎬

A wonderful quietening and relaxing practice to ease stiff joints, improve range of movement and calm the mind We stay in the floor-based poses for 1-5 minutes to give the joints, ligaments and deep connective tissues time to open and yield. Different options are offered to suit your unique body. Linking with Chinese medicine, classes concentrate on targeting different meridians or channels and organ pairs. Gentle music, silence, poems and readings accompany this meditative style of yoga, suitable for all abilities including those new to yoga. You are encouraged to observe the breath and use this to focus on the present moment, allowing thoughts and feelings to arise but staying with them and watching them without getting “involved”. The “mind chatter” is lessened and the “volume” turned down on any negative thought patterns. The hope is that we develop mindfulness skills that can be transferred from the mat to everyday life. In this small, friendly class everyone is invited to listen to their own unique body and adapt poses to suit them (particularly if carrying an injury) or simply rest We close with a long relaxation and sometimes a visualisation The class runs for a generous 70 mins to enable you to settle at the start of the practice and end in a chilled savasana Hop into something comfy, maybe light a candle, pop on some soothing music and roll out your mat. Grab a blanket & any cushions or blocks, pillows or bolsters you might have to support you x

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Ann’s Yoga Lounge

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When is it on
Yoga 14/12/2021 18:45
Time of day
Session Information
18:45 - 19:55

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Online yoga class streamed to you at home via Zoom £7.50


Other notes
Attendance: users can only join virtually
Your confirmation email and reminder emails include a Web link and 'meeting ID' for each Zoom class. Just click on the 'view online event button'. If you are using an iPhone or iPad you may need to download the App ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings' Please ensure your camera and sound is on and your device is fully charged. You should then be able to see me and hear me! Please note we will all be able to see each other :) unless you choose to turn your video off. This is your choice, but my preference would be for me to see you as the LIVE class is an interactive two-way exchange and will help me deliver the class to meet you where you are. Leaving your video on also means I can offer individuals cues for any "adjustments" for safety and alignment in poses. Ensure you and the space you're in is well lit/bright. And if/where possible refrain from wearing black as this acts like a 'cloaking device' preventing me from seeing you clearly. You are invited to join 5 mins early so you have time to settle and sort your set up/camera angle etc. Greet one another if you wish. And ensure you can see and hear me and vice versa. Welcomes: We will say a quick Hello around the virtual space with an opportunity to check in physically and mentally. I will then mute everyone and we will then get started! At the end I'll unmute you all for a group chant and chat. Post class coffee/wine optional!
Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes
Open to all genders
Last Updated 02/12/2021

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