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Tai Chi for people with a limb impairment

In this Tai Chi class we focus on adapted Tai Chi for amputees and individuals with limb difference. This is a relaxed, fun and informative session lead by an amputee Tai Chi instructor with support from an Occupational Therapist and Tai Chi Instructor. Tai Chi is excellent for improving balance and reducing falls so it's ideal for new amputees. Everyone is welcome, all ages and all levels of physical impairments.

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When is it on
Martial Arts Tai Chi 02/12/2021 11:30
Time of day
Session Information
11:30 - 12:00

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Other notes
This is a virtual live exercise class run by an amputee and healthcare professional for people with limb difference.
Support for Physical impairment
Attendance: users can only join virtually
Duration: 30 minutes
Last Updated 26/11/2021

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