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Pilates For All

This is a fun, relaxing, easy-to-follow session designed to tone your abdominal muscles, strengthen your back, enhance your posture, reduce tension, control balance & increase flexibility too. There is a happy mix of standing and floor work exercises for all abilities and levels. Pilates also improves pelvic floor & core strength, joint mobility & Stress levels! Recommended for everyone from Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, those ready to rehabilitate sports injuries, postnatal mothers etc. Each Pilates exercise and stretch is taught and demonstrated at a variety of levels to suit both the beginner through to advanced participants using resistance bands or small Pilates resistance balls to strengthen, lengthen and tone tight or weak muscles.

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Pilates 03/06/2022 08:30
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08:30 - 09:30

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Attendance: users can only join virtually
Please book through my website For this class, you will need to either buy equipment from Sam or the internet or use things you have at home! A soft ball or cushion, a stretch band or scarf or rope, a block or rolled up small towel! Please ask for more details if you are interested in buying new or good condition used equipment from Sam.
Duration: 1 hour
Open to all genders
Level: Advanced/ Intermediate/ Beginner
Last Updated 17/05/2022

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