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This workshop will focus on combating problems arising from the situations listed below and equipping participants with the knowledge and techniques necessary for daily maintenance of healthy hips. THE BENEFITS OF FLEXIBLE HIPS The human body was meant to be active and moving to enhance circulation, mobility and prevent defects and stagnation of the vital energy. In today’s society we spend a lot of time sitting or with restrictive repetitive movements which result in numerous problems such as: hip, back, knees, shoulders and digestive and other internal problems. Join me with this month's mind body intelligent movement hip opening program and protect yourself from the problems sitting for long periods, running, cycling and stress may cause to the body's well-being. SITTING Long periods of sitting result in consistent compression of the hip flexors, the muscles that join your abdomen and legs. This results in the shorting of the hip flexors which adjust the position or tilt the pelvis. This in turn upsets the muscles and structures above and below the hips, often resulting in knee and back pain due to tension in the hips. RUNNING & CYCLING Running and cycling can result in tight hips due to repeatedly using the hip flexors to lift the legs to propel forward and constant body weight impact. TRAPPED EMOTIONS Negative emotions lead to stress and tension in the body. Tense muscles and deep muscles of the hips are the centre for trapped energy. Therefore releasing the hips would free trapped emotions and result in lighter movement of the legs. Suitable for All Levels

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Voguing 04/06/2022 15:00
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15:00 - 17:00

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Workshop 120 minutes £35.00


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Attendance: users can only join virtually
* Choose a safe space, well lite, without obstructions and well ventilated. * Please ensure the teacher can clearly see the whole of your mat and posture, if you want to be corrected. * Wear comfortable clothing & have a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. * Yoga mat, and props such as blocks/cushions/blanket and straps are useful to have.
Duration: 2 hours
Open to all genders
Last Updated 17/05/2022

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