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Functional Mobility Online Seated Exercise Class

Functional Mobility welcomes those living with long-term neurological conditions, physical impairments and any general mobility issues to help improve movement, balance, coordination, strength and overall functional ability. We provide a clever sequence of exercises and movements that can be done seated and standing to cater for a variety of skill levels and ensure everyone can participate. If you're looking to improve your ability to stand from a chair, to get out of a low car seat, to stand with better balance and to improve your walking endurance, then this is absolutely the class for you.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Your Health with Igor

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Group Exercise Functional Fitness Chair Based Exercise 10/12/2021 10:00
Time of day
Session Information
10:00 - 10:45

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Other notes
Support for Learning impairment,Physical impairment,Visual Impairment,Mental health issues,Hearing impairment,Please Ask For More Info
Attendance: users can only join virtually
Before attending a session a participant must have a phone consultation. A health form will be sent that must be filled out prior to attending. Participants need at minimum to be able to stand from a seated position using a support tool and able to keep their balance in an upright standing position. If this is not possible, individual sessions will be recommended where clear focus and attention can be placed on improving these skills.
Duration: 45 minutes
Open to all genders
Level: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced
Last Updated 25/11/2021

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