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Family Lives Westminster and RBKC Outreach Services

Service/Activity is free
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Family Lives offers a menu of services within Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea. At the core of our service is the Outreaching to the community. We have a flexible and responsive approach, work alongside many other professionals and services to get the right support for families. We home visit or meet at a place of convenience and have workers and volunteers who speak various languages. Early Help Hubs in Westminster are places where children 0 - 19 years old and their families can have access to integrated services and information.

Families often seek support with:

  • Housing
  • Parenting
  • Material grants and financial support
  • Childcare and nurseries
  • Adult education, training and employment
  • Relationship issues/Domestic violence
  • Isolation & Depression and many other issues.

We are based within Children’s Centres in 3 main hub areas of Westminster:

  • North East Locality - Portman Early Childhood Centre – Contact the team on  07713708530 Referrals to Raisa
  • North West Locality - Queen's Park Children’s Centre- Contact the team on 020 7641 5838 / 07713708529   Referrals to Nairuz   
  • South Locality - Bessborough Family HUB - Contact the team on 020 7641 5923/ 07713708527 Referrals to Ouassila

Family Support

Families with children under 5 or a pregnant mother can self-refer or professionals can send in a referral with the permission of the family. Please send Outreach referrals to the appropriate Senior Outreach Workers above.

Outreach Service:

The core functions of the Outreach Service is to act as a ‘Gateway’ for families:

  • Providing support and information through home visiting
  • Engagement
  • Consultation and Involvement

What Families say: Mum: “I don’t know how to thank you; it is because of you I am out of the house now”.

Dad: “I don’t mind if my wife goes with you anywhere as you are the only one she trusts and because she trusts you I trust you also. I didn’t know that there is someone who can offer the support you do”.

2 Year Offer of free nursery 

The team also support eligible families in applying for a free 2 year place at a local nursery. If you need support to apply please call one of the teams below or go onto the nursery section.

  • North East Locality - Portman Early Childhood Centre – Contact Raisa Rahman on 07713708530
  • North West Locality - Queen's Park Children’s Centre- Contact Kyriaki Bourcha on 020 7641 5838 / 07713708529 
  • South Locality - Bessborough Family HUB - Contact Ouassila Moraboti on 020 7641 5923/ 07713708527

Our Befriending Service offers:

We are offering 6 Befriending services with trained volunteers provided to support families referred to the project by either the Outreach Team or other professionals outside the organisation. Families are given emotional and/or practical support. Before a volunteer is matched with the family an Outcome Star assessment is completed where clear aims and objectives are agreed with the family. This is reviewed regularly to ensure families are getting the right support and our service is meeting their needs. The FLS team also link families to our activity programmes in the local area. Please refer to the Befriending brief document for more information and details on support offered.

  1. Befriending Volunteer Service for Families with children 0-5 years - up to 6 months support and 1-4 hours a week/ For further information contact our Senior Volunteer Development officer Venesha Patel on: / 07713708542
  2. Befriending volunteer service for Early Help Team referrals only (families with 0-16yr children)- upto 4 months support and 1-2 hours a week. contact Lana Al-Waily Volunteer Development Officer on: / 07713708524
  3. Befriending Volunteer Service for Families with children 4-11 years in CHURCH STREET/PADDINGTON GREEN/ST JOHN'S WOOD area ONLY (Family Learning Support (FLS) team) and access to Family Learning Programmes upto six months support 1-2 hours a week/ Contact Befriending Team Leader, Michelle Caesar: / 07713708540
  4. Befriending volunteer service for parent/carers with a disbility or long term illness to support them to increase social networks - 'Breaking Isolation, improving lives' project (families with 0-16yr children)- upto 4 months support. Contact Lana Al-Waily Volunteer Development Officer on: / 07713708524
  5. Befriending Volunteer Service for Families with children 5-16 years - up to six months support and 1-4 hours a week/ contact John Morris Volunteer Development Officer on: / 07870 486887
  6. Parent Navigator Service for families with 10-16 year olds stuggling with their teenagers who concerned they might be involved in gangs. Contact Lana Al-Waily Volunteer Development Officer on: / 07713708524

 Young People’s Support Service offers:

  1. Provide 1:1 support to YOUNG CARER'S aged 10-15 years old who have some form of caring responsibilities. Parent/Carers will also receive family support separately from the child.
  2. Facilitate a holiday focused fun group sopen to any young person also aged 10-15 years old across the borough (times and venue vary) If you would like to refer a young person to our service or are a young person wanting support please email Lana Al-Waily on  /  07713708524 refer into our service please fill in the form and return via email to the correct staff member. As of October 2021 we have stopped taking referrals till further notice. 




The Programme is a 'targeted intensive intervention' with focus on parent/child attachment within the home. The ParentChild+ is a well-evidenced, US-based programme, focussed on working one to one with parents or carers over a sustained period.

During COVID-19 these visits will take place virtaully.  The model - which has been running in the US for over 50 years - is based on twice-weekly home visits, for up to 46 weeks with families receiving 92 visits, by trained home visitors. See how it works in practice here: ParentChild+ America Please also see our presentation and leaflet on the downloads section.

The child receives a FREE high-quality book or educational toy each week- during COVID-19 we will deliver them to your doorstep. Any child from 15 months - 24 months identified as behind in thier developmental milestones particularly in relation to speech and language, or social and emotional development and living in the areas below could be eligible for the programme.

Contact the programme coordinator Nia Bellot to discuss further on 07860 184 906 / and Please email referrals to; (Council's secure email). Referral can be downloaded. 

City of Westminster wards: Queen's Park, Church Street and Bessborough.

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea wards:  Dalgarno, Colville, St. Helen’s, Golborne, Notting Dale, Chelsea Riverside or Worlds End 


Building Relationships for Stronger Families

About the programme

The ‘Building Relationships for Stronger Families’ programme has been designed to help parents that feel that stress and conflict in relationship that is affecting relationships and family. The programme offers parents support appropriate to circumstance, in order  to address conflict within relationships, along with strengthening parenting skills to help bring up children.

The programme runs in London in Westminster, Brent, Croydon, Camden, Lambeth and Kensington & Chelsea.

Watch this short video to understand the impact on children and young people who are caught up with parental conflict. 
There is support out there whether you are a couple or separated. Get in touch and we can help you to access the programme with information, advice and support to fill in the referral form.

Venesha on
More info on programme on FIS website

Who to contact

Contact Name
Fatima Ahmed
Contact Position
Area Manager
Family Lives

Where to go

Portman Early Childhood Centre
4 Lilestone Street
Lisson Green Estate

Portman is currently at a temporarly site in Lilestone Street until September 2021

Other Details


Referral required
Referral Details

Families can self refer and use the referral form to the right and email the appropriate person on the instructions. Professionals can refer with the permission of the family.

Other notes

How to keep safe from coronavirus follow the government guidelines: 

Also follow the NHS advice: Translated documents in various languages to keep safe from coronavirus: Covid-19 translated guidance

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Parenting and Guided Singing Video Links     Parent Channel TV YouTube Channel    

Singing with your baby or young child - Guided Videos

We also have a National helpline and email support service you can access: Free confidential helpline on 0808 800 2222 

Email us for support at Online advice, peer support and information on all aspects of family life at

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