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Learning Disability Network for London

Suitable for children and young people with SEND
Suitable for an individual with hearing impairment
Suitable for an individual with vision impairment

The Westminster Society for people with learning disabilities aims to provide quality services and create new opportunities for people with learning disabilities and their families.(LDN) London Living is the Westminster Society’s exciting range of services, its aim is to become a Learning Disability Network for London.

This network will provide a range of group sessions and support for both adults and young people with learning disabilities from 14 to 18 years.There will be 24 separate groups including Drop-In sessions, each with its own individual identity - for adults, ‘Come Dine with Us’ where groups will practice their cooking and entertaining skills and score each other emulating the popular TV show, ‘How to Look and Feel Good’ and ‘Friendships and Relationships’ and for young people groups such as ‘My Life Book’, ‘Community Access’ and ‘Later Live’, where young people will have the opportunity to access live music venues and festivals in London and learn how to download music and create their own play lists.

Building based group sessions will run mainly from sites on Croxley Road, the LDN Living Drop-in on Harrow Road or Lisson Green Play Centre, all sites that are known to many of the young people and adults with learning disabilities in this part of London.Young adults and young people with learning disabilities from 14 to 18.

Who to contact

 020 8968 7376 or 07985 353 591

Where to go

W9 3HL
Last Updated 24/06/2021

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