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Realtime Tutors : One to One Online Tuition for Secondary School Students

Service/Activity is chargeable

Realtime Tutors provide private tutorials for secondary school students. Tutorials are delivered online through a bespoke Virtual Classroom so anyone, anywhere, can choose and learn with a tutor who does not necessarily live in the local area. Tutorials are recorded for security and review purposes. All you need to study with your chosen tutor at a time and place that suits you and without the hassle of travel, is access to a PC or laptop and a good broadband connection.

Westminster Family Information Service does not endorse this Service. Parents are advised to complete all checks before using any services.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Eamonn Jackie or Mira
Contact Position
 0131 581 8668
Real Time Tutors

Westminster does not endorse this provider.

Where to go


Because the service is provided online it is accessible to anyone anywhere in the UK provided they can access a PC or laptop and have a good broadband connection. the venue can therefore be wherever the user chooses!

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£27.50 one hour single individual tutorial per session
The cost is for a single one hour one to one tutorial. Discounts are available for bookings of multiple tutorials or shared tuition. The opportunity to Meet the Tutor before the first tutorial is provided free of charge


Referral required
Other notes

Realtime Tutors are interested in discussing with schools and / or education authorities programmes for making private tuition available to students from low income families at a low or no cost.

Last Updated 17/01/2018

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