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Roller Class - Flexi-Fascia Online ZOOM

A short class to learn the basics and keep you consistent in your practice with juicy rehydrating moves on a soft full-length roller to create flexible and efficient muscle movement from performing "melty-massage" techniques. Treatment for your connective tissue, nervous system and joint spaces, especially your back. This method of self-care is the missing piece to body maintenance and preparation for physical events like running, and all types of sports, and to restoring your body after repetitive activities, or after sitting for hours: treating your whole body - reconnect to your auto-pilot, rebalance your nervous system, rehydrate your connective tissue (fascia) and release the neck and low back spaces. Jackii is a MELT Performance Instructor, trained by Sue Hitzmann of Longevity Fitness. To access online content 24/7 go to

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Lake District Pilates & Restorative Movement

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Flexibility/Stretching 13/07/2021 08:30
Time of day
Session Information
08:30 - 09:10

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Single session Tues Roller Class ZOOM Online £5.00


Other notes
Attendance: users can only join virtually
Clothing instructions: Sportswear/gym clothes, no hoods or loose clothing. Equipment: a SOFT roller! The two biggest differences between a MELT Soft Roller and a traditional hard foam roller are size and softness. The MELT Soft Roller is just 5 inches wide, smaller than traditional rollers so it’s easier to use and easier on your body. The MELT Soft Roller is also softer and squishier – to help you avoid going too deep too fast. That softness means MELT can help get you out of pain rather than cause pain. Hard foam rollers have their place, but if you're going to MELT, please use a soft roller. have a drink of water to sip during the class plus a full glass of water after class; Exercise mat for some grip, and be barefoot in a safe space.
Duration: 40 minutes
Open to all genders
Level: Beginners/ Intermediate
Last Updated 16/06/2021

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