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KidsTime Workshops

KidsTime Workshops are a fun, safe and supportive environment for families who are affected by mental illness.

We’ve found that when young people understand more about their parent’s illness, discuss it in the family, and have a supportive adult to talk to, this increases their resilience and ability to protect their own mental health. Parents say the workshops improve their confidence and sense of pride, and reduce their risk of relapse. 


How does it work? 

KidsTime Workshops are monthly two and half hour group sessions for up to 15 families. Where possible, the whole family is encouraged to attend, including the parent (or parents) with a mental illness. Workshops are ‘non-treatment’ educational sessions which encourage families to discuss mental illness and help to diminish the social isolation, stigma, confusion and fears which a child of a parent with mental illness may experience.


What do the Workshops offer?

The workshops offer a fun, protected space where young people can express themselves, interact socially, share experiences and learn about mental illness through discussion, games and drama. Trained staff explain mental illness and its effects to young people in a way they can understand and help them to articulate and tackle concerns or challenges. The workshops also provide adults with an informal, intimate space, where they have the opportunity to share experiences and discuss their role as parents rather than patients.  You can find more information in our brochure.


Where do they take place?

We currently have a monthly workshop operating from the Family Hub Bessborough Centre, and you can find more information and referral details in the link below.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Jo Early
About us

Where to go

Family Hub
Bessborough Centre, 1
Bessborough Street

Nearest Tube: Pimlico

Other Details


Referral required
Last Updated 19/04/2021

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