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The Early Years Business zone - helping local authorities support their settings

National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA)  has created a website that can provide essential business support tools to early years settings.

We are looking to work with local authorities to ensure that as many settings as possible within their area take full advantage of this free online toolkit that includes: 

  • Business appraisal
  • Financial management
  • Staffing analysis
  • Access to industry specific help and support

We recognise the pressures that some local authorities are under when it comes to providing business support. Working together we can help you help your early years settings maintain sustainable businesses. 

“Many of our providers are in real need of business support ahead of the introduction of 30 hours. They want help and advice to understand their costs, to get smarter at filling places and finding ways to increase capacity. I will be recommending that all our early years providers use the Early Years Business Zone to help them do this. It’s a great new resource providing everything they need in one place.”

Liz Hodgman, Strategy Manager, Early Years Department, London Borough of Bromley.

To find out more visit the website.

Or join our dedicated local authority webinar, to see a demonstration of the toolkit and find out how it can help you. Details can be found via the weblinks.

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Last Updated 27/12/2021

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