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The Advocacy Project - Roadshows

Suitable for children and young people with SEND
Suitable for an individual with hearing impairment
Suitable for an individual with vision impairment

Facilitates self advocacy and consultation groups so that people with learning disabilities can develop the skills that they need to self advocate and promotes their inclusion in the development of services through their participation in the Learning Disability Partnership Board.

Roadshows drop-in service takes place on the 1st Friday afternoon of the month. Regular Roadshow consultation groups are also run at Personal Independent Paths W9, Westminster LDN Living and Westminster Adult Education Service which can be accessed through those services.

The Interest Group is for people who have been representatives in the past and are experienced advocates. Interest group is on the 4th Friday of the month. Both Drop in and Interest groups are held at The Advocacy Project, Unit 8, Buspace Studios, W10 5AP.

Who to contact

Contact Name
The Advocacy Project
 020 8969 3000
 07983 200 212

Where to go

The Advocacy Project
Unit 8, Buspace Studios
W10 5AP

Other Details


Age Ranges
18 years and over

Local Offer

Local Offer Record `
Who is this service available to?

Any adult (18+) resident of Westminster with a learning disability.

Any adult (18+) resident of Westminster with a learning disability.

How do you access this service?

Groups are free. There are several groups that people with learning disabilities can attend. It is best to get in touch with the co- coordinator to talk about what would suit you.

People can refer themselves by phoning the number below. Professionals can pass The Advocacy Project contact details to people who may be interested and support them to refer themselves.

How do we ensure the quality of this service?

Our Choice is monitored internally through management procedures. Our Choice also has a Management Committee of people with learning disabilities from Westminster who are responsible for managing the project and ensuring that it is members-led.

They check that Our Choice adheres to the principles of The Advocacy Charter, Dignity in Care Standards, HM Government Code of Practice on Consultations and Department of Health’s strategy for learning disabilities “Nothing About Us Without Us”. The Management Committee regularly reviews the work of Our Choice and attends all Contract Monitoring Meetings with the local authority. Our Choice is monitored by Westminster City Council.

Local Offer Age Bands
Transitions to Adulthood (16+)
Last Updated 17/09/2019

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