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P3 Easter Holiday Play Centre

Description of event: Children are in bubble groups of 15 spaces, programme of arts and crafts, sports games, cooking, board games. Football/sports, construction activities and imaginative play. Steel pan, Theatre workshop, healthy cooking, Dance, Egg hunt/ Easter Bonnets. Play ambassador programme.

Meals provided: Healthy snack Tuna Pasta, Sandwiches, jelly and ice cream, beans on toast, Spaghetti on toast, Pizza, Breakfast cereal, toast yoghurt, fruit

Dates and times of sessions: various between 9am and 5pm

Venue: Avondale Primary School


Who to contact

Contact Name
Colin Simmons
P3 Charity

Where to go

Avondale Primary School

Time / Date Details

Time of day

Other Details


Age Ranges
5-13 years old
Last Updated 06/04/2021

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