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Boogie Bounce HIIT online

NEW The HIIT programme is a combination of the Strength & Tone resistance bands moves and Boogie Bounce moves. The whole 45-minute class is performed on the trampolines with a set of bands attached. There is a short warm up and then 20 exercises alternate between fast beats for the cardio tracks, followed by a slow beat track so the muscle building element is performed in a slow controlled manner. There is a cool down track at the end. You will need a set of Strength & Tone Resistance bands for this class as well as a Boogie Bounce trampoline.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Louise Goodridge PT/Boogie Bounce

Where to go

Online Boogie Bounce

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Boogie Bounce 21/06/2021 16:30
Time of day
Session Information
16:30 - 17:15

Other Details




Age Ranges
Over 16
Other notes
Attendance: users can only join virtually
Duration: 45 minutes
Open to all genders
Last Updated 15/06/2021

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