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Assessment and Review Team 6-14

The Bi-Borough Assessment and Review Team for Disabled Children aged 6-14 years.

To access support from this team your child/young person will need to meet the eligibility criteria: formal diagnosis of a disability, complex health needs or autism diagnosis with a diagnosed Learning Disability. 

This team will complete/oversee new assessments for this age group and review the set outcomes for your child/young person annually. Support plans will be proposed to meet these outcomes and include a number of resources (parenting programmes, Inclusion services, care packages, set pieces of parenting work etc). 

Not all children/young people within this team will be allocated to a designated Practitioner. If it has been assessed that the support in place is working positively and the child/young person is making good progress they will be held on a Duty system. At the time of your annual review a Practitioner will meet with you, your child/young person and complete a review of the current outcomes and support.


On the following link, you can access the referral form for the Bi-Borough Assessment and Review Team for Disabled Children aged 6-14: click here.

Once your child/young person reaches 14 years of age they will be referred into the Bi-Borough Preparing for Transition & Adulthood Team.

Who to contact

Contact Position
Service Navigator
 07790 362 267
Last Updated 02/12/2023

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